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    • Most well-known carriers offer far more plans than what you see on the state-run exchange. Off-Exchange plans, also called Private or Direct Health insurance plans offer larger health networks and more plan variety than what is offered on the state-run marketplaces. Compare and apply for those plans here.

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    • Short-Term health insurance plans are less than half the cost of an Obamacare plan with far lower deductibles. For many people this is the best alternative to an ACA-compliant or Obamacare plan. 


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    • Limited Benefit Insurance Plans are inexpensive and cost as low as $170 per month. These plans focus on common services such as office visits, drug coverage, diagnostic testing,  lab work, surgery, and other inpatient and outpatient services. Membership includes Blanket group Sickness, Accident, Critical Illness and Excess Medical Expense Insurance

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    • Get a tax credit to help pay for your private health insurance plan without ever having to deal with the state-run health exchanges or websites. Use our private marketplace instead.

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      Affordable Care Act To Be Repealed First, Replaced Later

      David M Taxer 11/30/2016

      House Majority leader announces Republican's intent to repeal Obamacare first and then replace it. Both hospitals and insurers are optimistic about these changes as more variety in plans and a better solution for dealing with low income folks, especially those with major pre-existing condition will allow the public in general to pay less and have better access to their choice of doctors and facilities.

      Change will likely be gradual, however the exact timeline will be up in the air. It is likely however that the mandate will be repealed immediately, freeing Americans to buy inexpensive private plans that are underwritten. For more information on those plans, please contact us at the number above. 


      David M Taxer 11/23/2016

      Many Americans are wondering what health insurance will look like under a Trump Presidency.  One thing is certain: The Affordable Care Act will be repealed, and the mandate negated. After that, it is likely that health insurance returns to the way it was in 2011, before the government website, tax credits, and rising rates.

      One thing is certain: It will take around a year for the insurance industry to begin selling insurance like it used to again.

      In the meantime, it looks as if the mandate is going away, and people need a short term solution. We are finding that our clients who choose an alternative plan like short term medical are saving an average of $300 or more per month and are getting lower deductibles and out of pocket costs than if they were on Obamacare. Plans like these typically have deductibles of $2500 for illnesses and $250 for accidents, as well as have national networks. They don't cover maternity, but they have large PPO networks that you can use nationwide.

      If the mandate truly goes away, plans like these will be in very high demand.

      Mandate Exemption Forms

      David M Taxer 03/16/2016

      Did you get an exemption form yet? There are 16 ways to get exempt from the ACA tax penalty. File an exemption and then shop here for a short term medical plan. You can choose from any of the national carriers, in many cases even the ones who have left the marketplace in your state. 

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      Goldenrule, UnitedHealthOne, Aetna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, AARP, American National Insurance, Cigna, Healthnet, Molina, Regence Blue Cross, Scott & White, Assurant Health, Coventry Healthcare, EmblemHealth, Lifewise Health Plans, Geisinger Health System, Aetna Life Insurance CompanyAll Savers Insurance CompanyAmbetterBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, FirstCare Humana, Molina Health Care, Scott & White Health Plan, UnitedHealthcare Life Ins. Co., IHC Group, HCC Life, National Health Insurance Company (NHIC), and many more. We work with all major health insurance carriers nationwide.