Obamacarealternatives.org is operated by Portland Benefits Group, the nation's leading experts on health insurance. The Founders Portland Benefits Group bring over 100 years of insurance industry experience to serving our clients needs.

      Over these many years of experience we have worked in all the different  kinds of insurance sales offices, from being independent agents, to working for large carriers and brokerages.

      We saw firsthand the shortcomings of each of those approaches. Small, independent agents don't have the wide range of products and services to offer, and in larger agencies, and especially in the the large call centers that have sprung up, agents come and go so fast you never can reach the agent who helped you, you don't get true personalized service, and the broker owns the business, so even if your agent is still their when you have a question or need help with your policy, they have no incentive to continue to service the policy they sold you.

      We decided to build an agency that offers the extensive products and services of a large agency, with the personalized service of an experienced agent who is your agent and always will be.

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