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    The Affordable Care Act is being repealed and although nobody knows exactly what is coming next the House and Senate are already preparing and passing bills to repeal the law.

    President Trump has signed executive orders instructing the government to prepare for repeal by cutting off spending on the ACA and to do whatever they can to reduce the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Economy.

    Most experts interpret this as meaning that the mandate for Americans to carry "Obamacare" Americans is over. 

    This means that you have more options than you realize. Private Health Insurance Plans structured to be exempt from the Affordable Care Act have been created to cover you through this period. The best part is, the coverage and network will be a lot like what you had before Obamacare, and so will the rates.

    We are a team of Medical insurance experts and consultants who DO NOT WORK FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! We are independent insurance experts! 

    HEALTHCARE.GOV employees will never tell you about private major medical insurance options or alternative options like short term medical insurance. They work for the government and their job is to sign you up for Obamacare only.

    We work for you, to help you find the right solutions to your medical insurance needs.

    If you qualify for a government subsidy and want to purchase an Obamacare plan we will happily help you with that.

    However, if your needs are only temporary or you’re in sticker shock from what an Obamacare plan will cost, our experts will show you what all your options are before you make a decision.