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      Use ObamacareAlternatives.org to find high quality affordable health insurance that is exempt from the Affordable Care Act. We will help you get affordable health insurance while respecting your freedom of choice in healthcare. Use this website to get the true facts about ObamaCare and see your real options under the ACA.

      Affordable Alternatives To Obamacare For Consumers

      There are many reasons why you may need an alternative to Obamacare. Maybe you didn’t find a plan you liked, you missed open enrollment, or gave up sitting on hold with the exchange. Lots of people did, and we can help! Use ObamacareAlternatives.org to get affordable quality health plans outside of the Obamacare system.

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      Affordable Alternatives To Buying Health Insurance From Obamacare Health Exchanges

      The Affordable Care Act mandates that most health insurance plans include “minimum essential coverage” that should be purchased on state based and federally facilitated exchanges, also known as the Health Insurance Marketplace, which charge a 4% tax on health plans. For this reason, the governement would prefer that all health plans be purchased through the exchange. Plans purchased privately are not subject to this tax.

      Several avenues to purchase health insurance still exist. Most of these methods are the same ones that have existed all along and with a little know-how, health insurance can still be purchased the old-fashioned way, from an agent, or online, such as through obamacarealternatives.org. We will show you all of your insurance options, so that when you are done shopping our website you can feel confident that you have a complete understanding on whether to participate in Obamacare or purchase an ACA exempt plan, such as short term medical insruance, a limited benefit medical plan, or a combination of a strong accident plan, a pharmacy card, and a chronic/critical illness plan.

      These days, Americans have even more choices to make in regards to their healthcare, with new information that has been difficult to obtain due to the shakeup of the whole health insurance industry by Obamacare. For many people, getting a benefits consultation from an agent will clear up a lot of the confusion. Our agents can usually understand your situation well enough to narrow down your choices to just a few in less than 15 minutes. It’s a process of elimination based on what you want, what you need covered, and where you would like to keep your premium.

      Would you like our help? Our experienced insurance experts are ready to take your call. In 15 minutes we can help you sort out your options, and after that, if you want to apply, we will walk you through the online application.

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